Who We Are


Little miracles foundation based in Haldwani, Uttarakhand (INDIA) came into existence on 19th October 2018, on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. It is a brainchild of a few enthusiastic people, who wanted to contribute to the society. Together they started one of its own kinds of Sewa- ‘Thaal Sewa’, near the largest government hospital of Haldwani, ‘Sushila Tiwari Hospital’. It was started with an aim to cater to the less fortunate ones, who come from the interior of hills and villages of Kumaon for treatment with very little or at times even no money. Thaal- Sewa serves them with a plate full of delicious food for just Rs. 5/-.

Every year the the foundation comes up with a new way of contributing to the society. So far we have started with Upchaar Sewa, Roshini Sewa, Vastra Sewa, Pedh Sewa and many more.

Time 12 to 2 every day

Thaal Sewa is a crowd-funded association. People contribute towards the ration i.e. grains and pulses, which is converted into tasty and hygienic food by our trained chefs. Dinesh and Mahinder wake up early to make sure that the food is ready before 11:30, which is sufficient to feed over 1000 people every day. The average cost of serving over thousands of people is met by the contribution given by the thaal sewaks, people who willingly contribute to our foundation and a sum of Rs.5, which we collect in the form of food from the consumer.
Hygiene is one of our prime concerns. Our food is prepared in RO water and the utensils used in our kitchen are cleaned every day. The kitchen is under the supervision of a camera 24 by 7.


The food which is served includes a plate full of rice along with gravy-like rajma, dal, lobiya or chana and salad. On weekdays, we prepare food for 1200 people, on average. However, on Sundays and public holidays, when the hospital OPD is closed then it is a little less. The Thaal-Sewa van distributes around 200 packets of food to the needy ones every day. Above all at thaal seva point, pregnant ladies are also served food free of cost.

Co Founders 

Mr. Dinesh Mansera- Mr. Mansera is the president of the foundation. He is a journalist by profession. Digital Media is his expertise for the last three decades; management of the entire foundation is on his shoulders.

Mr. Rahul Varshney- Mr. Varshney is a hotelier by profession and is the ex-secretary of the foundation. He looks into the work of the administration.

Umang vasudeva

Mr. Umang Vasudeva- Mr. Vasudeva is the vice president of the foundation. He is a businessman and has provided the land for Thaal- Sewa near the hospital.

Mr. Girish Malkani-  Mr. Malkani is from the field of education. He is actively involved in the management of the infrastructural needs of Thaal- Sewa.

Mr. Rajeev Wahi- Mr. Wahi is the secretary of the foundation. He is into the property dealing business.

Mr. Pravin Mittal- Mr. Mital is the vice secretary of the foundation. He is a businessman and the face behind the kitchen and menu management. He also manages the day to day requirements of Thaal- Sewa.

Mr. Girish Gupta- Mr. Gupta is the treasurer of the foundation. He is a businessman and grain merchant. Thaal Sewa’s grains and other procurements are done by him.

Mr. Rajiv Bagga-Mr. Bagga is a businessman. The daily requirements at Thaal-Sewa are met by him.

Mr. Harit Kapoor-Mr. Kapoor is a businessman. The daily requirements at Thaal-Sewa are met by him.

Mr. Rakshit Verma- Mr. Verma is a businessman and manages the Pedh- Sewa and public affairs of the foundation.

Mrs. Swati Kapoor- Mrs. Kapoor looks after the data collection, tele-calling and data handling of the foundation.

Mr. Atul Verma- Mr. Verma has a medical store near the Thaal Sewa point. He is in charge of Upchaar- Sewa.

Sanjay Bagga

Mr. Sanjay Bagga- Mr. Bagga is a businessman. He handles an important duty of food distribution at Thaal-Sewa every day along with supervision of food distribution through the van.