Upchaar Sewa

Sewa Coordinator – Atul Verma

Patients who need emergency treatment but cannot afford it, are helped by our service of Upchar Sewa. Team looks into the details of the patient and makes sure that they get the required treatment. The treatment cost is borne by the team. Under Upchar Sewa we provide wheelchairs and crutches (walking sticks) to the handicaps. From time to time blood camps are also arranged by the foundation. Our team also does fogging, sanitizing, mask distribution and placing dustbins at locations where they are required, to support the mission of clean India. Upchar Sewa also provides the sewa of home delivery of medicines at reasonable prices to the old ones. This sewa is led by Dr. Gaurav Singhal, Dr. Bhupender Singh Bisht, Dr. Apoorva Gupta, Dr. Prakash, Dr. Preksha Pandey, Dr. Prakash Pant, Sujata- Anuj Maheshvari, Sanjay Dhingra, Narendra Dhingra, Alka, Sunil Sharda, Bindu Monga Chawla, Gaurav Duggal, Bharat Goel, Priti Jorodg, Dheeraj Agarwal etc.