Thaal Sewa

Little miracles foundation based in Haldwani, Uttarakhand (INDIA) came into existence on 19th October 2018, on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. It is a brainchild of a few enthusiastic people, who wanted to contribute to the society. Together they started one of its own kinds of sewa- ‘Thaal Sewa’, near the largest government hospital of Haldwani, ‘Sushila Tiwari Hospital’. It was started with an aim to cater to the less fortunate ones, who come from the interior of hills and villages of Kumaon for treatment with very little or at times even no money. Thaal- Sewa serves them with a plate full of delicious food for just Rs.5.

Time 12 to 2 every day

Thaal sewa is a crowd-funded association. People contribute towards the ration i.e. grains and pulses, which is converted into tasty and hygienic food by our trained chefs. Dinesh and Mahinder wake up early to make sure that the food is ready before 11:30, which is sufficient to feed over 1000 people every day. The average cost of serving over thousands of people is met by the contribution given by the thaal sewaks, people who willingly contribute to our foundation and a sum of Rs.5, which we collect in the form of food from the consumer

Hygiene is one of our prime concerns. Our food is prepared in RO water and the utensils used in our kitchen are cleaned every day. The kitchen is under the supervision of a camera 24 by 7.

The food which is served includes a plate full of rice along with gravy-like rajma, dal, lobiya or chana and salad. On weekdays, we prepare food for 1200 people, on average. However, on Sundays and public holidays, when the hospital OPD is closed then it is a little less. The Thaal- Sewa van distributes around 200 packets of food to the needy ones every day. Above all at thaal sewa point, pregnant ladies are also served food free of cost.

Public Support:

By calling through social media for “Project Thaal Sewa”, We are connected to Number of Donors who promised to join hands with us in this noble cause. The foundation is being run by the funds raised by the donation of Rs. 5000/- per Sewa per day by these Donors on different occasions These funds are directly deposited to bank account of the foundation through Cash, Cheque, NEFT, PAYTM. The donors contribute in memory of their loved ones, or on the birthdates or on anniversaries . They get registered their dates of the occasion with our helpline number. The Foundation call them on their respective date so that they may volunteer in Sewa by Food Distribution.

Swach Bharat Abhiyaan:

Keeping in mind of Swach Bharat Abhiyan we use Stainless Steel Plates, Spoons which are reusable. Many Dustbins are arranged in a way to Keep the place Neat & Clean. No plastic bags or disposals are allowed or used at the “Thaal Sewa” Food Distribution Point .

Food Preparation & Distribution :

Food is prepared by the experienced chef team under close monitoring and supervision. A team closely monitor and assure the hygiene and food quality standards. Each day in the “Thaal Sewa”, we serve rice alongwith different lentils (Rajma, Chana, Lobia, Mix Dal etc.) . Our aim is to serve food to thousand people daily. Every day by “Thaal Sewa” food is delivered to even those are staying  road side and not able to reach us. We also provide food absolutely free for pregnant women and also for those who can not afford paying Rs.5/-